May 2013 - Bethany's house completed
Led Bethany's House is completed and named after a beloved staff member who passed away while serving at Caribbean Mountain Academy.  Her vibrant testimony inspired many and continues today throughout this beautiful home.
February 2013 - 1st Bi-Annual Lifeline staff mission trip to cma

Led by CEO, Mark Terrell, fourteen Lifeline staff and board members attended the first mission trip. The team painted Bethany's House and worked with Filter Pure and also enjoyed getting to know new members of the LL family. 

january 2012- Crosswinds is created

Lifeline Youth & Family Services acquires property from New Horizons Youth Ministry to launch Caribbean Mountain Academy and founds Crosswinds. Campus renovations begin.

February 2012 - Mission House Completed

Teams from Goshen, IN complete a beautiful guest house for visiting mission teams and groups on the Caribbean Mountain Academy campus 

For many years, Lifeline Youth & Family Services, of Fort Wayne, Indiana had been looking for ways to take their successful programs for children and families who were involved in the court system to the hundreds of everyday families who called each year looking for help.  Many of these families were facing problems with their teen such as rebellion, substance abuse, anger, or the first signs of delinquency and recognized the need to seek help before the problem became worse.

It was Lifeline’s goal to intervene early with youth and families who were struggling and to prevent more serious consequences from occurring. To that end, Lifeline began by launching its Family Support Services program, which brings home-based, personalized, counseling and therapy to families reaching out for help.  Looking forward, Lifeline hoped to expand this program to include residential treatment options for teens that temporarily needed a change in their environment.

In 2012, after years of discussion, evaluation, and due diligence, Lifeline acquired the facilities of another organization. The addition of these facilities in Canada and the Dominican Republic allowed Lifeline’s leaders to oversee the birth of a new organization: Crosswinds.

Today, Crosswinds brings the experience of nearly 50 years of service from Lifeline to this new organization which offers a full range of services that can be “mixed and matched” to meet families' unique situations and changing needs.

  • In-Home Family Counseling–Through weekly in-home or online “virtual” family sessions, we walk families through customized treatment plans and help them become stronger—together.

  • Caribbean Mountain Academy (CMA) – Many teens see life in a way that revolves around them—positively or negatively.  What people think of them, the pressures they’re facing, the things they have, the things they don’t have, what they’re going to do for the upcoming weekend … the list goes on and on.  In cases where youth need a new perspective, our therapeutic Christian boarding school in the Dominican Republic helps shift the focus from “my world” to “the world around me.”​​​​

  • Aftercare – Our Family Support Services not only continue with the parents and siblings while the teen is at CMA, but they also provide much-needed support and guidance as families are reunited.



January 2012 - Lifeline acquires new property and Crosswinds is created. 

February 2012 - Mission House completed by team from Goshen, IN

February 2013 -  Lifeline's first staff mission trip to Caribbean Mountain Academy takes place. Fourteen staff, board, and family members took part in the trip.  

May 2013 - Bethany House renovations completed in honor of former staff member Bethany Brown

June 2013 - Family Support Services is renamed, In-Home Family Counseling to provided a clear understanding of the service being offered.

January 2016 - Crosswinds and Lifeline move into their new corporate office. 


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